We care about Edmonton; this is where we live, play, and work. Community means everything to us and we try to give back and get involved whenever we can. Two programs in particular are very close to our hearts; we have been dedicated supporters of both Women Building Futures and Free Footie for years (check them out, you might want to get involved too!).

Women Building Futures

This organization is committed to providing support, training, and employment opportunities to women who are interested in the trades.

"Since 1998, WBF has been the leader in preparing women for economically prosperous careers in industries where women have historically been under-represented. These careers lead to economic freedom, personal confidence and growth that are transformational for women, their families and their communities. WBF has extensive experience recruiting and ensuring career success for women within these industries at a consistent employment rate of 90 per cent."

Two of our team members came to us through this program, and we couldn't be more grateful to have them on board. They demonstrate talent, amazing work ethic, and have become essential to the Prairie Gold team!

We encourage business owners in the trades to get behind this amazing program. Follow WBF on social media to get a glimpse into what they are all about and to see the massive impact they have made!

Free Footie

Free Footie is an amazing Edmonton organization making a significant difference in inner-city communities. Children in these communities face a number of barriers when it comes to joining structured, organized sports teams - cost of equipment, registration fees, transportation, stressful home life, etc.

Free Footie is a NGO that provides a completely free soccer league for kids from grades 3-6.

"Free Footie ensures that any girl or boy in Grades 3, 4, 5, 6 who attend schools in the areas we serve and wants to play soccer, can. There are no registration fees and every child is given a pair or shin pads, soccer socks, shorts, a ball and a jersey. 

But fees and equipment are often not the only barriers to play. Many of these children come from challenging home environments and have limited access to transportation. 

That's why we made Free Footie a program that takes place right after classes with games scheduled so teams play against other teams right in their neighborhoods. That greatly reduce the need for transportation, one of the biggest barriers to participation.  

Free Footie makes it easy for any child to get in the game."

There are thousands of kids benefiting from the experience of being part of a team and community. We have been PROUD sponsors for years; we encourage you to visit their website and read more about how you can get involved.